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25 April 2012

To Visit in Sorrento

I have to prepare an itinerary for a visit of Sorrento, a little but very beautiful town not too far from Naples (47 km). It will be not the first visit for me, contrary, I go there relatively often: with trekking group, with my friends... Even if I continue to not like the coast for it's terrible traffic and road, I can't deny it's incredible beauty. So, I click to listen to the song and look at the photos of the places to visit this time.

This is the general picture of Sorrento: it's the place where you can meet sea and Vesuvius. The first part of my next itinerary will be the main square.


The Mills' valley, actually covered to create the square, will be accessible when the restructure of the old town wall will be finished. Now, only a very little partt of the town wall is visible.


It's unpossible to avoid the picturesque fishers' village


Narrow medieval streets wiil guide me to the belvedere of the town



I will visit the basilica of the most adorable Saint of Sorrento, it's protector and protector of all peninsula, S. Antonino


Cathedral will be the next point


After that, the next to see is the port where the cruise ships' guests arrive.


So, this will be the circle I'll do in the town. About an hour, I think. 

19 April 2012

Artists in the Streets of Europe

An interesting sign of modern culture are vagant musicians, dancers and other artists. In the narrow streets and squares of the medieval towns like Salerno (Italy), their performances are similar to the theater shows. The seasides become similar to the art studios. I don't know if they pay taxes or something like this but I'm content that the govwernors do not catch them from the cities as they do with the salesmen.

Художники на улицах Рима
«Художники на улицах Рима» на Яндекс.Фотках

There are all schools of painters there. I like to look how the Chinese painters work (and, as you can see on the photo, others). Their techinques are so particular! Even if they simply write something for you, it's just an art. In fact, writing was always art, in Europe, too.

художники на улицах Рима
«художники на улицах Рима» на Яндекс.Фотках

I have different friends painters and know something from their lives. I was always surprised to njtice that they easily go to sit in the streets and offer to paint for passerbys. I would never do it. It seems to me not very ...I don't know... Non acceptable for me. But they are different from me in this sense, too. They like this work. They do it with great pleasure. Not only, they are happy to do anything for inspiration. There was a competition in one of our touristic centers when artists were closed in an antique monastery for a month with the task to create a masterpiece after it. Imagine, artists waited in the list for the next turn to enter in the monastery!

 I want to say that artists have to be free as they were from the beginning of the times. Inspired -to inspire and enlighten our life.

по улицам Рима...
«по улицам Рима...» на Яндекс.Фотках

12 April 2012

Teotihuacan, Mexico: Secrets of the Sun Pyramid

The Sun Pyramid in Teotihuacan, Mexico wants to share it's secrets. This fact discovered my friend from USA that went there with a cruise ship. :-))) Well, you are right, she did not reach Teotihuacan with the ship. It was an excursion she booked there, in Mexico. If you did not know it, there are many and very convenient Mexico cruises that visit the most beautiful and romantic places of Central America.

Мексика. Пирамида Луны.
«Мексика. Пирамида Луны.» на Яндекс.Фотках

The most important pyramids of Teotihuacan were those of Sun and of Moon. And, the local populations believed, the deities of Sun and Moon lived there. They, deities, continue to lAnd they found a mask of jade, too.

The question that ask all the scientists that work there is: Who and When built the pyramids? Why all inhabitants left the town suddenly? There are not signs of violence neither hunger or epidemy. The town lived normally till one day when all together took their goods and went away. Maybe the excavations of this year will finally disclose this mystery.

05 April 2012

Byzantine Art in Campania

Where would you go to see byzantine art?
You are right: in Italy, in Campania. :-)))
There are many interesting XI centurie's frescs here. Most of these frescs are very fragmentary and can only give you only a taste. You are interested, you understand that the church was completly covered with the paintings. But you can't even imagin HOW could it be.

Sant Angelo in Formis

Campania allows you to visit a completely covered with the original Medieval paintingschurch. This church is unicum. There are only some churches that preserve their medieval look in Italy. One of them is the basilica in Sant Angelo in Formis not too far from Santa Maria Capua Vetere.

Sant Angelo in Formis

where you can see New and Old Testament painted on the walls of the church. The population was not more literate in the early Medieval times and that is why the prists had to explain the Bible using the pictures.
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