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27 August 2008

Mount Everest -Dreaming With Open Eyes

«2008-07-28_18-45-55.jpg» на Яндекс.Фотках

Maybe you are dreaming climbing the mount Everest as I do. Maybe you think the best in the world is to stay on the pick and to sleep there. But you know, it's unpossible. Even if I had so much money and could buy this event for me, it could not be real. In any case. It's not for everybody.

Wait! Maybe not everything is lost?... Before you disperate read this:

Here are some ufficial dates about the alpinist season on the highest mountains this year.

The oldest person this year was a man from Nepal that had 76 years, other from Japan 75.
There were 9 women from 9 different etnic groups from Nepal.
One alpinist family from Canada -father (57), mother (56) and their 3 children (20,23,25).

Maybe you don't know it, but there are 14 mountains that are higher than 8000 m.
One alpinist reached the 14-th of for him pick this year and there are now 14 persons in the world that climbed all 14 mountains. But this man was the 7-th that did it without the additionaly ossigen and he is the first from South America.
one alpinist, Juanito Oiarzabal, is the only man that did this climbing 22 times (8000 m).

The black side of this beautiful dream is that the men that climb mountains remain there sometimes.
This year 6 alpinists fall from their dream-mountains. One of them was a legend of the alpinism, from Spain (1967) that had 12 climbings on 8000 m picks in his life.

We will be more prudent. We will lookat the world around us from the top of the mount Everest directly from our PC. Visit this panoramic photo to do it.


«Эверест» на Яндекс.Фотках

20 August 2008

What Do You Need For Your Vacation

I read today an article telling about the things a person has to take when preparing a vacation. There were necessairs, bottles, boxes, pillows... "A sensitive person has to think to create comfort when she/he is going for a trip." It is a publicity and education of us to buy more and more, to create more and more comfortable life for us.

I like comfort too. Confess. The first thing I do when I reach this or that place is to create comfort around me. If I need a telephone I buy radio telephone to feel free from the wire. If I need igienic paper I prefere something soft and resistent. And I have a recipient with 40 pieces of it an arm far from the sit. I want to feel cleen hands (and not only them) in any potentially dirty place, so I have all sorts (for every part of the body) of wet cleaning napkins in my bag. Etc etc.

Tell me pls, when you were more happy and the travel was more memorable: in the place with all comodities or when you were a "wild tourist"?

Начало пеше-горной части похода! (ДАТЫ в ФОТИКЕ ГЛЮЧАТ !!!)
«Начало пеше-горной части похода! (ДАТЫ в ФОТИКЕ ГЛЮЧАТ !!!)» на Яндекс.Фотках

12 August 2008

"Norman" Towers Of Salerno

One of the romantic and very attractive things of this region were for me "Norman" Towers. I think you will agree with me if you look at this photo. This is the tower of Vietri Sul Mare, the town situated about 3 km from Salerno. The part of earth that you see on the right is Amalfi Coast.

Once I read about the next on the right tower, the tower of Cetara: the owner wanted to sell it and wanted 2 millions for it. Maybe it was not too much for a building like this.

Interesting is that these towers have nothing common with Normans. They were built after 1537 to protect the coasts from the Saracens and others. The joke of the fate was that they were never more useful.

In these towers lived a corporal and 4 soldiers. They had to guard the sea day and night. If they wanted to eat, thay had to go to the resident persons and ask them for food.
The ships navigated near the coast at that time and on the place in the top of th tower was a cannon to fire transgressors.

The tower over here is in Salerno today. But about 100 years ago the people lived only inside the town-walls. And this place was far from the town.

As you see, the latest owners of the towers use them for different aims. They build houses on the places for cannons. I've seen the plans of some of these towers, they have staircases inside and maybe 2-3 little rooms without windows. So, the only possibility to live there is to build a house on the top.

Incredible, but people in Salerno live in the houses built thousands of years ago.

05 August 2008

What Is So Bad In Tourist Business This Year


Notices of this year are not very good for tourist business.

We went to the beach for 2 days, August 3 and 4, Sunday and Monday, and were surprised to find all the roads and beaches free from the persons. This period, from 1 till 15 of August are the holy days for all the country. All population leaves normally the cities and goes in the places near the sea. It was unpossible to reach any place in this period before, and there were hundreds and thousands persons everywhere.

From one side it's understandable because -normally- in this period the temperatures are too high and it's practically unpossible to live specially in the cities. Even here, on the hills, there is not air to breath, but if you go in a city, there you feel only fire around you.


This year everything is different. Prices of everything are too high. Many beaches all over the Italy are paid beaches. You have to pay from 7 to 20 (and more) for a place near the sea. And there are often not free places there.
People prefer remain home this year. 50% of the earnings in confront with other years. Not only near the sea, but in all the shops too. Specially the aliments.

From one side it's bad, but from other side it's not. Maybe we learn to use only necessary once more. Become less fat without weight-loss products. Learn to walk at our feet. And become healthy as our grandies that have 90 years and are more alive as we at 40-50.

Now I read that Americans segregate themselves in their house too...

That is why the cost of the fuel is some lower.

Если б молодость знала,а старость могла.
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