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31 March 2012

Early Morning in Venice

Venice is always full of persons, even in the first hours of the morning -those who lives and works there and has not too much time to look around; tourists that come with the first trains intended to see everything possible before they will leave the town in the evening, running for better and better places; those, finally, who comes with the cruise liners so numerous there. Many of them gather together in the large spaces of the S.Marc square.

Утро на площади Святого Марка в Венеции...
«Утро на площади Святого Марка в Венеции...» на Яндекс.Фотках

Photos, photos, photos, photographs are in every direction you turn your head. The impression is that all the persons of this town are able to think only about taking their shots. It's not so but you see and hear the photocameras litteraly in every place you go there.

The air is so nice in the morning, in Venice. It seems the dust is hanging in the air in the afternoon on dry and warm days. Two symbols of the town, the Winged Lion with one paw on the book and  St. Todaro, killing the dragon, standing on the high columns, supervise the town. But beware to pass between these columns! Once, this area was used to kill the prisoners, and it's not good sign to pass there.

Утро на площади Святого Марка в Венеции...
«Утро на площади Святого Марка в Венеции...» на Яндекс.Фотках
 Утро на площади Святого Марка в Венеции...
«Утро на площади Святого Марка в Венеции...» на Яндекс.Фотках

13 March 2012

Costa Blanca, Spain

Why we like white buildings so much? Could you explain me this phenomena?

When you visit Capri, for example, you notice the white houses of this island. With different kinds of ornaments in ceramics and luxuriant nature, white walls are probably the best possible "background". Ohhh, they are protagonists of the island there. And I was sure Capri is the unique place in the world that we can call the island of white houses.

Many years passed, and finally I visited Capri once more. I was in Anacapri, the town that remained in my dreams as the white town. Something changed in this period and the town was not so white as I remembered it...

Similar effect create white trullis that you can find in many places if you visit Apulia. But really white is the White Town there. Ostuni. Completly white.

Well, in any case I thought, THOSE are the white towns.
My friend visited Costa Blanca in Spain and turned home fashinated by this white place. The houses are white there, too (first photo). But not this is the reason they call it the White Coast. This coast is literally white. Because it's formed by white stones! (second photo).

Испанское побережье Коста Бланка
«Испанское побережье Коста Бланка» на Яндекс.Фотках

Испанское побережье Коста Бланка
«Испанское побережье Коста Бланка» на Яндекс.Фотках

08 March 2012

Capri, an Island of the Cliffs

Capri is one of the island of the gulf of Naples. It is situated not far from the mainland but the "normal" ferry needs more than an hour to reach it. There are quick ferries, too. Jetfoils. Those arrive in the port of Capri, Marina Grande, in about 30 minutes. But the slow ferries allow you to enjoy the view of all the gulf of Naples if the weather is good. You can see all the islands and the Sorrento coast with calm for more time (and save moneyof the tickets, too).

There are 2 towns on the island, Capri and Anacapri. In the port, take a bus and go in Anacapri where it's possible to visit not only one of the most beautiful villas of the world but the incredible cliffs and caves (there are about 5 or more visitable caves there where the sun thanks to the particular conditions of the exposion color the water in azurre or red or emerald etc)

Capri is very good for trekking. The pathes have different complexity and there are very easy ways and very complicated, too. In any case you will be rewarded with breathtaking views. In fact, all the views are breathtaking, there, I think.

But there are different possibilities: if you don't want to look down from the cliff, you can rent a boat and look at the island down-up. The round trip coasts abut 16 euros, I think.

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