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23 August 2017

The Importance of Cheap Vacations to Go
How to Find Cheap Vacations to Go on the Web 
Travelers often feel that tailor-made vacations cost a lot and needs to be avoided in any way times. Finding cheap travel is really a doodle, the complicated part is being prepared to act quickly so that you can definitely make the most of fantastic travel opportunities. Vacations always require financial preparation. If you're cutting short your vacations simply because you believe that the vacations are receiving expensive and you're on the budget side then please feel again. Whenever you're planning for your family vacations, have a look at holiday deals and exclusive offers for your fantasy destination and just rest. If you want to go on holidays, it is nearly certain you will would like to go for affordable luxury holidays. Additionally, there are cheap luxury holidays which you can avail.

Amalfi Coast - Cheap Vacations to Go
Amalfi Coast - Cheap Vacations to Go

17 August 2017

Top Tips of Cheap Places to Go on Vacation
The Importance of Cheap Places to Go on Vacation
Summer is quite hot, with scattered thunderstorms. If you are fortunate enough to locate a parking spot, grab it. There are a number of places of historical interest to go to and you may meet interesting men and women. There are a number of places to go to that aren't far from Manila. You're going to be in a position to explore the very best dining places your destination provides or even look at quite a few enjoyable neighborhood shows. It's still an extremely special spot and I really like going back to visit. It's currently an amazing spot to spend the night or only have an extraordinary meal. You can just search on the Google for Vacations to go deals or vacation to go packages to get the Cheap places to go on vacation.

Amalfi Coast - Cheap Places to Go on Vacation
Amalfi Coast - Cheap Places to Go on Vacation

08 August 2017

Cheap Vacation in Amalfi Coast - Choose Salerno
Amalfi Coast is one of the most desired places for a vacation in Italy, but the prices of the accomodations and meals are too high there. What can we do to lower the expences? We can choose an other modality of accomodation and pay less for our meals, too.

If you do not want to sleep in a tend and eat only essential foods like bread, we can find prices of everything about 3 times lower in the nearby town, the capital of the province, Salerno.

I love Salerno. It's a very nice and calm little town (about 135 000 residents, I think) with very rich on historical places old, early Medieval, town and cured, very sympatic new parts. Seaside is about 6 km-s long and there is very good bicicle road till Paestum. 

On this photo you can see the best, newest and biggest hotel of the town. There is a great underground parking (green place for the hotel). 

Salerno, as a capital, has nightlife possibilities, and there are many pizzerias, bars and other places where you can eat good and cheap foods at any time of the day

But the most important thing for those who is interested in cultural program, is the excellent strategical position of this town. Yuou need maximum 40 minutes to reach Naples, Caserta/Capua, Pompei, Paestum. If you want to visit Messina, you have to travel with modern trains only 3 hours. Or, if you want to walk one day in Venice, you can take a night train, come in Venice in the morning, stay there one day and turn in Salerno with the night train the same evening. I do so everytime I have a wish to pass one day in Venice.

Salerno has not only 4 stars hotels and residences. There are some hostels like this one in my photo, where you can sleep paying from 10 to 15 euros per night. You can control real time offers in Salerno here:

Some steps to go out in the maine street and you can eat "panino" like this in my photo paying 3 euros for it. If you take water with you, you don't need other expences for your lunch. "Panino" is big, with meat and vegetables (you can choose what you want to eat) and it's enough to continue your explorations.

My advice, if you want to go in an other place, in Pompei or Paestum or on the beach, is to take your lunch here, in Salerno. Even if you will find many places where to eat everywhere.

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02 August 2017

Cheap Vacation: Path of the Gods and Praiano (Positano) Beach

Path of the Gods (Sentiero degli Dei) is surely one of the most known sightseeings of the Amalfi Coast and you will hear about it many many times when you come there. It's an easy and good created walk for every tourist even if you will need (trekking) shoes and maybe an alpenstock (to feel yourself Great Courageous Tourist). But there are different other paths that begin fro the same place and we will visit one of them today.

In this post I'll tell you about one of the ways to have an unforgettable cheap vacation in Amalfi Coast. We will walk long a very beautiful mountain path and arrive in Praiano (near Positano) to swimm there.

Path of the Gods (Sentiero degli Dei), cheap vacation in Amalfi Coast

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