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24 April 2013

Phlegraean Fields at the Time of Odysseus

Phlegraean Fields, as you know, is a very interesting place not too far from Naples in Italy. It is characterized by great quantity of craters of sleeping volcanoes. 24 precisely visible from the space. This place is breathing -this "breast" goes up and down normally something about 2 cm a year. It's about the underground pressure. The phenomena has it's name: Bradyseism.

The name of this zone, Phlegraean Fields, means "burning fields". There are documents describing how was  this zone in the times when ancient Greeks visited it. They had seen literally burning zone because the volcanoes were alive at that period and there were different eruptions at the same time probably. Those eruptions had to be not so violent as the eruption of Vesuvius when it buried many Roman towns.

What the Greeks have seen at the time was, probably something like this:

The photo is of Naples some months ago. When the "Town of Science" was burned down. But, I think, the look had to be similar to the period of eruptions of the Phlegrean volcanoes.

08 April 2013

A Tradition Dating Back More than 300 Years in Japan

This is a feast I really would like to assist. I like fireworks very much and would like to assist the firework "concerts" all the times it's possible. I do not say about the desire of some persons to spend some time shooting. I say about the real concerts that it's possible to assist from time to time. Sincerely, a real concert I've seen only once. And it was not too far from our village. The artist created entire gardens of flowers that evening. We were in our car on the way when the show began. We stopped the car and went out to see that beauty. Some time later, we noticed that all the cars were parked and all the were looking in the sky. Imagine km-s of parked cars, hundreds of persons near them. All with the faces pointed in the sky.

I can't forget that night till today. It was the best fireworks show I've ever seen.

So, now finally I pass to the more than 300 years old tradition, Sumida River Fireworks Festival (hotels) that is organized on July, 27 this year. Interesting is to see how Japanese do it. They are at the origin of the feasts with fireworks and they have completely different way to imagine the show, so it would be very interesting to see how is it. I've seen some photos on dedicated sites and they were impressive. Here is the photo from  English Guide

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