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22 July 2008

What All These Persons Are Doing? -Quitz

This collection of photos comes from a site that I like very much because find somethin interesting every time I visit it.

So the question is: what are all these persons doing? Dancing? Are they VIPs and Stars?
No. They are TOURISTS!

And where are they and what are they doing?
The answer you will find at the end of this quitz.

So, where is this place where every tourist becomes great wish to dance???

In... Italy! It's Pisa. And this is the square with the Leaning Tower, the Cathedral and Baptistry.

And why all they dance in this square???? Look here:

They all want to make a photo where they are maintaining the Leaning Tower.
All of them. Every tourist has the same idea in the head.
Maybe we are all equal.


  1. Oh! This is funny! In India at the Taj Mahal, people try to place the tomb on their palm

  2. Who knows why they have all the same ideas reaching the same plase? I don't remember if I did the same photos when I was there too... :)))

  3. I think I would do the same thing if I were there. It's just for some simple fun, that's all.

  4. It's fun, but we are all equal in the soul. ;)))

  5. I am laughing looking at this entry , eally thought it wasa tai chi move!HA ha

  6. It's a new Tai Chi scool: Pisa-movements. :)))


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