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20 August 2008

What Do You Need For Your Vacation

I read today an article telling about the things a person has to take when preparing a vacation. There were necessairs, bottles, boxes, pillows... "A sensitive person has to think to create comfort when she/he is going for a trip." It is a publicity and education of us to buy more and more, to create more and more comfortable life for us.

I like comfort too. Confess. The first thing I do when I reach this or that place is to create comfort around me. If I need a telephone I buy radio telephone to feel free from the wire. If I need igienic paper I prefere something soft and resistent. And I have a recipient with 40 pieces of it an arm far from the sit. I want to feel cleen hands (and not only them) in any potentially dirty place, so I have all sorts (for every part of the body) of wet cleaning napkins in my bag. Etc etc.

Tell me pls, when you were more happy and the travel was more memorable: in the place with all comodities or when you were a "wild tourist"?

Начало пеше-горной части похода! (ДАТЫ в ФОТИКЕ ГЛЮЧАТ !!!)
«Начало пеше-горной части похода! (ДАТЫ в ФОТИКЕ ГЛЮЧАТ !!!)» на Яндекс.Фотках


  1. For me, I am comfortable in both the city and the wild. In the city, I rejoice at all the conveniences; in the wild, I just appreciate what nature has for us. But really, home is the best of all!

  2. And I like wild life.
    Better if with some comfort. :)))

  3. Part of the excitement of travel is to live a bit wild- I think. I do not haul the kitchen sink with me! Wherever we go, we make do with what we brought or what is available locally.

  4. Hi, Tracey, happy to have you here!

    Maybe the men see it different. My husband for example, is happy only if he finds what he uses to have at home.

  5. Very nice tips for vacationists. these are very important, and has to think whenever you are on a vacation, especially in another region. sure wild tourism remembers most than other type of tours, its my experience.

  6. Maybe you are right, Megalead11, this or that way they have to be similar.


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