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11 March 2009

Pindaja Cave in Myanmar, Burma

Today is a great day for Buddhists and thinking about it I remembered about one interesting place named 1000 Buddha garden. I've seen different photos of this garden in one of the sites. So I decided to find where is that place situated.

Intersting is that I found many many different places to visit that are bound with similar numbers:1000, 10000 and other. There was not only that garden among them. But I found this other place where I really wanted to go one day.

This place is in Burma and I have to ask my friend Footiam from Travel Pangs if he was there and maybe he has posts about it. Normally I remember what I read but I don't remember if he has written about this Pindaja Cave.

What I thought watching the video I post here: it's a cave and for this reason a visitor could have very special feeling walking there among all that statues. I was different times in caves. Once those were catacombs of one very important monastery, Lavra of Kiev. Than I visited catacombs in Turin where Italians fighted against Franch soldiers. Maybe there was nothing special, but the feeling you are under the earth...



  1. I like it very much too. And wanted to visit it.

  2. I have been to Myammar but not to the caves. I went to Mount Popa, a temple up the hill and the marvellous Bagan, where you can turn round and round and you get to see ancient stupas everywhere. D

  3. I would really like to visit this place. Specially when I read what you write about it...


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