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22 January 2010

Places Remembering Giordano Bruno

With this post I want to continue to follow the pathes of very important characters of the human history.

Here I begin with Giordano Bruno, a rebel monk. He teached different ideas that were against the doctrine of the church. First of all, he thought, the Earth turns around the Sun and not contrary. He thought, there are many planets similar to our Sun and the Universe is very big (Read this post too: What We Are In The Universe? )

The life of Bruno beginns not far from the place I live, near Nola, a not very big town behind Vesuv.

He studied at the monastery in Naples and 17 years old entered the Dominican Order. He did not want to follow the philosophy of the church and had his own point of view. For this heresy he had to run away from the church all his life. He changed many places but finished his life in Rome, where was burned at the stake by Roman Inquisition after 7 years of the prison.

Here you see the view on the zone where he was born with Vesuv in the background.


And this is the palace of the Inquisition in Rome, piazza dei Fiori, where Bruno was prosecuted. He was burned here too. The statue you see over here is situated in the same square too.


  1. You have such beautiful photos on here! Love the history on this one.

    I would love it if you added a link or two to your posts on my 'wish i was on holiday' posts on Mondays.

    I will be back to see your wonderful posts!

  2. Thank you.
    I would like you add links to my posts first. I will add links to your posts in change.

  3. oh, a rebel monk. Maybe, I blog on this too!

  4. The progresses of the churches are due to the rebels, I think. Jesus Christ was rebel too. Lutherans, protestants are followers of the rebels too. There is much to discover about rebels.


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