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01 February 2010

Why Would I Visit Vienna

There are too many reasons to visit Vienna and Austria generally, I know. But I suggest you one very romantic direction today. Listen to this music:

A month ago I gave you the idea to visit the places connected with the name of very loved composer,Georges Bizet (read Don't Forget To Visit In Paris). This time I want to continue with an other composer I like very much. I'm sure you loved the "Serenada" of Franz Shubert you listened now. And you will agree with me, it would be interesting to feel and to breath the air of the place that could born this man.

They say, Shubert voiced with his music joys and griefs of the mankind so as everybody of us would express them. He was the first great representative of romanticism in the music.

Sometimes we create a legend about a place or object or other. So Vienna is in my mind a city where everything is full of the special energy producing music in the heads of those who visit it. I think: if I would walk through the streets of this city, maybe I would feel music following me all the time I would stay there. :-)

Вена,Собор святого Стефана
«Вена,Собор святого Стефана» на Яндекс.Фотках

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