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11 June 2010

Toad Safari in Australia

As you know, Australia isliving an other terrible oppression: there are millions and millions of toads there. There are 420 toads of the weight of 160 g for every resident of this continent. (non the species n the photo)

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If you like safaris and want to help the Australians, you can take a tour to visit this country and ask the touroperator to help in the national park to gather them.

They organize these "safaris" in the night. The persons walk in the fields and pick up the toads in the sacks. After that they are frized and transformed in fertilizers.


  1. This is one safari which I won't enjoy!

  2. When the situation becomes so critic, such help is priceless. But I don't like the idea to organize it as a cruel enertaining.


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