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09 March 2011

Do You Love Salami?

Well, "Salumi" -if we want to be precise. All kinds of sausages.

If you come in Italy, you WILL eat them in any case. There are hundreds and thousands of types of salumi in Italy. And you will remember some of my reports about one of the agricultural shows we visited a year ago. (on the photo)

This time I wanted to write about salumi once more because ther was an other "show" in our zone: one of the largest malls, the supermarket inside it, exposed typical products of an other zone of Italy, I do not remember, what zone but all I bought in the show was excellent. Cheese, salami.

And salami -besides the low quantity of salt- was ...look here how long it was! I've never seen such long sausage! And the low quantity of salt was the other good discovery because my husband has to avoid to eat it. Do you know, that the fresh made salami has completly different taste? Mature is good, but fresh is special. Maybe because we can taste it rarely.

This other is Mortadella. It was about 3 m long but it's not surprising because there are often long mortadellas exposed in the shows.

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