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20 April 2011


I thought about the Eternity after I've discussed the life of Jesus between His childhood and 33 years. My friend wanted to know what I think about the possibility that Jesus passed some yars of His life in Tibet.

Well, I don't want to speak about it now. I simply wanted to understand: what feelings I have after this call. I opened the photos of my visits of Greek and Roman sites this year. And understood that all  I feel now is possible to explain in only one word: Eternity. Maybe I'm not right, maybe I choosed a wrong definition. Here are the photos that made more impression on me.
Do you agree with me? Is it the right word to explain the concept?

(Photo 1,2 -Paestum; 3 -Roman town under  Naples; 4 -the view from the crater of Vesuvius on Sorrento coast and Capri)





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