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12 May 2011

Myanmar is Burma

I have many bloggers friends in Asia and probably created a kind of image of that part of the World reading their blogs and looking on their photos. This mental picture did not include people of this ethnic group -first of all because I was sure that this tradition to wear rings to make the neck longer is extinct for long time, at least from the years when I was a girl. But I was wrong. This photo I found in a Russian site, and the author took it not too far ago.

This ethnic group lives in Burma. Yes, in that country that was destroyed by the recent earthquacke, after Japan. The population is not so rich there but I did not hear that somebody wanted to help them or collected money to send them. 

Как я прекрасна и дивна, Как шея у меня длинна..................
«Как я прекрасна и дивна, Как шея у меня длинна..................» на Яндекс.Фотках

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