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22 June 2011

Spartacus: Here the Gladiator Fought for Life

My husband wanted to visit the Amphitheater of Capua after he watched the American film about Spartacus.
I've just visited some amphitheaters before. That of Pozzuoli, of Pompei. What can I say you? As in most similar places, you know WHAT it is, you understand it. But you don't feel it. Because those are ruins.

Amphitheater of Capua impresses you because it is partially so as it was in the times of it's splendour. Externally and in the undergrounds. Actually, it's the second large amphitheater after Colosseus. And this one was probably built similar to the Capuan amphitheater.

To be precise, it's not the same building where Spartacus fought. This amphitheater was built about 2 centuries later. But this one was built on  the same place.

Amphiteater Spartacus Italia

Amphiteater Spartacus Italia

Amphiteater Spartacus Italia

Amphiteater Spartacus Italia

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