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26 October 2011

Two Faces of Sorrento

Sorrento is one of the ports of call for the cruise ships in Campania, in Italy. This little town is actually all faced to the tourists and they can found there everything they could look for when they step on the soil. There are comfortable connections to the other cities and tourist objects of Campania, too.

Sorrento is situated on the "terrace" of vulcanic stone (it's practically one tongue of lava) 50 meters over the port where there are only some services like taxis and bars. The tourists have to go up the stairs to reach the town for excursion or to take a train or a bus. This is the "new", the "modern" part.


If you are interested to explore the antique, original mode of life of the local population, you have to visit Marina Grande, a fishers' village that is situated from the other side of the rock you see on the first photo and that is possible to reach walking about 15 minutes from the center of the town. Here you can enjoy not only the colorful houses of the fishers but -if you want- you can swimm in those warm waters, too. So, if you like swimming and have to explore Sorrento don't forget your bathing suit. There is free and paid possibility and you will have a great walk up in the town after that -if you don't prefere the bus that stops directly on the beach.


Do you like Sorrento? You can book a cruise from this page -there is a cruise search engine on the right of this article. And remember -if you book your cruise from MY site, you can ask me to guide you in one of the touristic objects in Campania. There you will find the hotel search engine, too. If you prefere, you can contact me for last minute and other offers -you just know that  I'm a home based travel agent.

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