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04 January 2012

Travel with a Good Group of Interested Persons

December was very good month for me because I found an assotiation of the persons that like walking and like to visit interesting historical places -just as I do. We had an interesting walk over Sorrento

Сорренто, Неаполь, Италия

and than, on Jan.1, we climb a mountain to see the ruins of the Longobard castel and the breathtaking panorama of all our zone from the height of 1200 m.

На экскурсии

With my husband, we visited Apulia with Taranto and Ostuni. We have seen 2 seas in the same day, Ionic and Adriatic sea. Traveling with the car was relatively difficult -mostly because it's hard to drive and to stay in the car all the day long, 12 hours. But the places we visited were really interesting and so fantastic!

This is Ostuni, the White town with Adriatic sea in the background.

Ostuni, Taranto

Here is the countryside between Ostuni and Marina Franca with incredible trulli everywhere.

Ostuni, Taranto

 And this is the view in the direction of Taranto and the Ionic sea

Ostuni, Taranto

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