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15 February 2012

Sud Italy -Winter Means Rain

Italy, as all European countries, was reached by a very cold cyclone about 2 weeks ago.

The problem for this normally warm in winter country is that it was not ready to stand such a situation with dignity. Since there are never similar problems here, people do not have special cars and other necessary equipment to take the snow away. And I think with horror about the next future when all the snow will melt, specially that in the mountains.

Sud Italy was less hit by this natural calamity (in other countries, it is called simply "winter"). We had only rains here, and those who lives in the mountains came down with the cars covered with 20 cm of snow for 2 or 3 days.

Снег 7 февраля

I had to guide a group of excursionists from Salerno to it's castel and had to learn the way before the excursion. Nobody of my friends knew how is possible to go out from the Old Town to the castel and I had to study the situation. That is why I had to pass some days in Salerno even if the rain did not stop even for a moment.

salerno, italy

The day of the excursion seemed to begin good enough: the rain was drizzling, and it even stopped then...

salerno, italy

I like excursions and I participate on them gladly. But not under the pouring rain, guys...
The association wrote me that the excursion is confirmated. Than, they did not come the next day. I contacted all the museums about our visit -and the group did not come... The 4 persons that reached us at the end wanted to go for the walk. And I had to show them all the itinerary except the castle.

I was completly wet after it. I could not warm myself for 2 days than. Never more I will consent to guide somebody if the weather is not good...

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