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02 July 2012

Walking in Milan: S.Lorenzo Columns

My last visit in Milan to assist Dalai Lama Teachings on  June, 27 and 28 was very interesting from "touristic" point of view. I had enough time to see some places showing the paleochristian period of the life of this city. 

I just wrote that I never have time for walks when I go in Milan. Normally, the teachings finish late and I arrive in my hotels when it's time to sleep. That is why, I did not see Milan even if I visit this city different times a year. 

This time it was different. I had half a day to explore the places of my interest and those were paleocristian monuments. The second day I wanted to see the frescs of the basilica of S. Lorenzo. My friend asked: a, do you want to see the columns? -No, I want to visit basilica, I answered. She did not add anything more and I forgot about her words. 

So, I thought about a normal square, a church and an antique chapel with the frescs I wanted to confront with those of Naples.

When I entered the square from the sidestreet I remained astonished. I did not expect to see nothing of this kind...

Roman Colonnade street... In front of my eyes... Still alive...

I knew about these streets. There were such constructions in different Roman towns. But I thought, there are maybe the poor rests of them today... And here, in Milan, is such a street making part of the modern city...

I was shocked.

I've seen a reconstruction of the colonnade street in Milan a day before in archeological museum...

:-))) I had to turn back on the earth after I read the explanations written on the wall bill. These are Roman columns, in fact. But they are not the reste of the street but were transportated here from an other place when the basilica was built.

I entered the basilica but it was closed for vidits that day for a mass. So, I could not take photos and was just fortunate that they allowed me to enter.

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