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19 February 2008

Salerno. Italy. Medieval Monuments Always Open

This is the splendid look of Salerno this morning. (See A sunny day in Salerno too)
All the world is speaking about refuse emergency in province of Naples and nobody knows about this pearl that exists in the same region.
I sincerely adore this city. Because it's so little, beautiful and clean. Because is full of historical memories form the beginning of the time. With special point on early Middle Ages.
In the last 12 years, the period that I live here, Salerno changed greatly. From a repugnant place till this real pearl today. And these changes are not finished else.

Today I wanted to assist press conference in the municipality of the city where was presented new plan to open medieval monuments of the old town all days of the year and not only Sunday and Saturday as it was before. All these monuments (about 10 now) are open thanks to volunteers of different groups, like our Archaeological Group of Salerno.

Old town of Salerno is situated over 10 meters of history and this history begins from 197 BC. with Roman veterans that became this place as salary for 25 years of military service. It was too far from Rome, yes, but it was on the whole not so bad... And they created a block on the only way from sud to Rome.

There was created the first Medical School in Europe here, did you know it? And there were women-physicians at that time. Did you know, that the Church don't likes women only from XIII century?

Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках

But some years ago there were not official tourist guides in Salerno else. Nobody thought about tourismus here. What do you want, there were not supermarkets and great shops some years ago.
Today, everybody understands that tourismus is the only possibility to give job to the population.
5-star hotel was finished in 2007 in the center. There are many places to sleep in the town now, too. And they think about other hotels and low cost solutions for everybody.
Tourists will have the possibilty to visit Amalfitan Coast with boats.
Finally, all the monuments will have free entrance.

After this press conference I passed some time with my friends, and because I had about half an hour till the bus, went to walk on the seafront. It was a really happy morning.


  1. So or you coming to Singapore on 2010? (youth olympics)

  2. Today I have 47. Do you think I'll be "youth" till 2010 else?

  3. Very probably the most interesting chapter for us of the modern time in the history of the medical school at Salerno is to be found in the opportunities provided for the medical education of women and the surrender to them of a whole department in the medical school, that of Women 's Diseases.


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