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04 February 2008

The Kangaroo is an Australian Icon

Berry Sudirno from Jakarta/Indonesia, author of these interesting blogs: howtoboostyourwealth, journeytomakemoney, sweetjourneyinmylife .
You know him in my blogs from his articles Endagered Species -Orangutans, that many of you found interesting, Batu Caves Hindu's Shrines that I posted in my "Vacation and Travel Talk" some days ago and Meity and Bimo the Shar Pei. This is his new article.

Kangaroo are found in Australia continents, Tasmania and surrounding islands including Papua and New Guinea.

The Kangaroo is an Australian Icon it is featured on the Australian coat of arms, on currency and is used by many Australian’s Organization including Qantas, the National flag carrier.

A Kangaroo is a marcupial from the family Marcopodidae. The largest species from this family are the red kangaroo, the antilopine kangaroo, eastern and western grey kangaroo. On average kangaroo live in the wild has a life span between six to eight years.

Kangaroo are endemic to the continent of Australia, they are not farmed, but wild kangaroo are shot for meat, the meat has been exported to other countries including Indonesia and easily found at the freezer box at the supermarket and their skin are use for handbag, wallet, hat, wrist ban.

The Tasmanian forester kangaroo is listed as endangered under the US Endangered Species Act.


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