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26 March 2008


Some days ago I found an interesting site "The Man In Seat Sixty-one" where there is great quantity of intersting information. And among all it, tips how to travel in Europe with train.

I like train travelling. More. I like trains from my childhood. That special "tac-tac", odour -and pictures that fly for the eyes.

Today I try to come from place A to place B in less time as possible for headaches and prefere airlines if can, but I like trains.

With Internet the life of a traveller in Europe became very simple.
If you have to travel in Italy, you can and HAVE to visit the railway-site first. And there - promotions and offers. Because sometimes there are very interesting promotions like tickets of the last minute ot 10 -19 euro-tickets. So, you can spend not 60 but 10 euro for a ticket, for example, and with 50 euro go in an interesting place next day.

Than, you can buy your ticket online and avoid many problems in the railwaystation when you have not time to look for the pay desk or to wait your turn. It's very important, you know. You are quiet and think only where you can sit to relax a little. So open Michelin maps, find where is the next to your aim railway-station and turn to railway site and book your ticket.

It seems simple, but you do not think about these possibilities when you plan your trip.


  1. I have a friend who like to travel by train too . He said you can walk around.

  2. In Indonesia we have several intercity executive trains,full airconds,nice and clean.Fare about USD30 for 1000 km.Melbourne has the best transportation system.

  3. In Italy public transport is a great tragedy. Specially local busses. I think it was made to sell private cars. Today is very difficult to reach the place you want if you have not personal car. With trains is some better. But when I had to go to work in Naples in April, 50 km, I needed about 5-6 hours every day only to travel because the trains came always later. It was pratically unpossible to come in the office at time.

  4. I like France's train system. Although it looks complicated, but it is not.

  5. I understood it's very important to be informed about train-system before travel. It can be very helpful and save great quantity of time and nervs.

  6. I am surprised at the train service in Italy. To take 5 to 6 hours to go to work! That's terrible! And that's only 50 km! By car, it would just be less than an hour!

  7. By car is not better. There are different problems on the through-way, incidents are very often. When you have not to come in time, and go there once a life, it seems normal. We go in Naples once a month more or less and mostly go there in special hours when we know there is nobody on the road. But if you go out when everybody goes to work or from work ecc you can remain for hours there.

  8. My daughter is now on student exchange in Sweden. So far, She had been to Paris, Geneva, Bern, Milan and Amsterdam on weekends by budget airlines and travels a lot on trains. She gets info and makes bookings online which is really helpful for traveling on a budget.

  9. I agree with you, Evelyn, internet is a great way to plan all necessary before the trip. I do it always so, now. I even buy train-tickets online now that was unpossible some years befor.


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