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03 April 2008

Traditional Italian Meal

If you visit my blog "Animals as Friends" you read my reports from agricultural show in Bastia Umbra ( A Mann And A Bull, Italian Cattle Breeds and will come others)

Now, here I wanted to tell you about one traditional Italian course.

Italians from North and Sud can love one other as Kosovo and Serbia, but there is a thing that unites all parts of Italy better as Garibaldi. And it's "Pan'ino". One of the best it's ingredients is "Porch'etta". What mean these words you can see on my photos and you'll not need explanations.

"Panino" you can buy in many little shops every day. Workers eat them during their morning-break. There are special shops that sell only "panino" and there are auto-shops that come in the squares only on Sundays. Here, in our zone, people go very often in these places after or during Sunday-evening family-walk. It's a part of this walk.

You can choose what you want in your "panino". Normally it means a piece of meat, fried on the grill, and vegetables. Hamburger, sausage or "porchetta" as meat. The vendor prepares panino for your eyes: warms bread, fries meat, adds vegetables and sauce, wraps it in the paper -and your meal is redy. You need only to ad a drink.

The best "porchetta" I've ever ate was always in this show. I think they prepare it once a year and when this show takes part, "porchetta" is very fresh. When you eat it in other months, it's more dry. But I like it fresh, with "juise". Practically it's boiled pork meat. Made in a special way.

There were not much other food manufacturers (hope it's the right word) this year. Here you see cheese, cooked meats and sausages.


  1. Look tasty! Have tasted sphaghetti, Asian style!

  2. I have to say you the holy truth: REAL, good pasta (all sorts of maccheroni) and pizza you can eat only in Italy. Not because of nationalistic reasons, but the sorts of foodstuffs are different and you can't make the same dish as you make it in Italy.

  3. I like Italian foods,when I was in Melbourne we use to eat at Italian resto called Sofia,they have great pasta and have Italian Ice Cream La Fruita at Il Dolce Freddo.Yummy.....I missed it

  4. I think, many things in food dipend from cook too.

    I liked Chinese cuisine when I visited my friends in Torino. We went often in one restaurant in center of the city there. The service and prices were excellent and I liked what they cooked very much.

    Here I wanted that my husband joins me in my Chinese-cuisine-love and took him in a Chinese restaurant in center of Salerno. It was a dirty place with bad food. We've never went in an other Chinese restaurant from that time more. My husband hates the idea.

  5. Looks tasty! you know what may be someday I will author a blog about Malaysia Traditional Food... what do you think?

  6. Don't say it to anybody, I confess it in your ear,mmm... I'm in the age when I have to think about Great Fasts every day, so, I have to prefer Weight Loss blogs... is soooooooooooo

  7. Very temptingly delicious! I think travel talk goes very well with food talk. I will remember, look for the best Pasta and Pizza in Italy.

  8. You see, Evelin, the reason is: travel or not, we have to eat every day :))) Wish you good italian travel and specially to eat in really good places. :)))

  9. I am not a great fan of Italian food. I like dessert and once had a chance to have an Italian one, not remember the name correctly - it was something like Tiramisi or Tiramisu. Tastes good if fresh cream cheese is used.

  10. Tiramis├╣ is a great sweety if made at home and with good receipe. I like it too, but never prepare because it's too fat and I can't resist to eat it all I have.


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