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26 April 2008

Is it for you travel alone?

«Рыжик» на Яндекс.Фотках

I read now an interesting article where a male-traveller tells about so many good things that is possible to learn if travelling alown. Between these things are responsability, self-reliance, indipendence, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual growth, care for their own self, learns how to love itself...

Maybe I'm not right and my friends-males that read this blog will not agree with me, but I think it can be written only by a male, this list. Because female have to learn all this without travelling. Maybe I'm not right.

I had to travel alown all my life and do it mostly alown today too. Because my husband has not interest for this. So from my experience traveling alown is sad. First. A partner can give you necessary help in some cases (one goes to ask for information, other remains with a car in a place where it's unpossible to leave a car, for example). Finally, for a woman it can be dangerous (in some cases a simple presence of a man nearby can protect from bad conseguences).

Travelling alone is good too. You can do what you want, plan your trip without problems related on other person. ecc ecc
But if you do it always, it's sad.
My opinion.


  1. You may learn many things through traveling alone or with other people. With other people, you'll learn about their true colours sometimes. When you are socialising with people at home, they are nice, when you are traveling with them, you get to see their idiosyncrasies. Both way you learn but it's always nice to travel with people. They take care of your bags when you go to the loo and the cost for accomodation is shared. I like both. After all, when travelling life's journey, we are all very alone. Some people can show you the way, but you have to walk the path. So, both way, we have learn to be happy!

  2. For single maybe it is ok to travel alone but for couple or married person... it will be nicer to travel with our partner...

  3. I think it is OK for a guy. But for a lady, it is safer to bring a companion.

  4. I agree with Footiam in sense that we are here to learn from the situations that the life offers us. If I have to travel with somebody,it's good, if I have to travel alone is good too.

    But Haney says it right from the point of view of a woman. Unfortunatelly it's true. And a woman has to think 10 times before travelling alone.

    Do you know, Pak Maeh, psychologists say that the couples have to travel not together with the partner. To have more fresh relations because they are tired from one other.
    I don't know sincerely, but maybe in the real life it's not true. As for me, I would prefer to travel with my husband if he was interested in it.

  5. I knew a girl and she did India all by herself and told me about one case of harrasment she had faced,I personally travelled to Europe on my own especially the UK, but to go on a holiday and explore the destination , I dont feel any good by doing it all alone , you can get lonely sometimes.

  6. You and that girl are surely very corageous. I had different problems with travelling alone for not too long trips. But to make something like "all India" -it's too great...

  7. I think it is better to travel with companion especially for the Lady,but it is depend on situation (for security reasons).For holiday my wife use to travel with me.

  8. Maybe when a person is young the dangers that we can meet in the life are not so disturbing. Everything is joy and adventure. :))) When we become older, we are more selective in joys -and when somebody disturbs us, is a disturb and not an adventure.

  9. i prefer to set my own pace, so travelling alone is the best way


  10. One day I say to myself that the better way to live is to stay alone, other days I think that the company is the best thing... So I could not decide definitely what is thebest till today.


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