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29 June 2008

Oh, Beauty!

Don't know where to pass next month with great pleasure not only for body but to gift the greatest joy to your eyes? I'll tell you the place.

Vietnam; Ho Shi Min and Njachag.
There you will find not beaches, restaurants, nature, historical places or what else from the classical tourist's kit. You will find all the most beautiful girls of the globe there. "Miss Universe 2008", the 57-th show, where on 14 Gune you will have the possibility to see aboout 80 of the girls.

To have something to do in the time when they wait for the final play, the girls exhibit national costumes. I, sincerely, did not understand if those are really national costumes but I think it was beautiful to see them. You can see the photoreportage clicking Here and than on the thumbnails under the great photo.

I liked Miss Thailand:

Photo from «»


  1. I liked it more from all others too.

  2. wow...... i like you idea of pleasure ;)

  3. They say: if you like something there is a great possibility that there are many people in this life that like the same thing. The rule of marketing. :)))


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