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05 August 2010

How To Become The Best Amateur Photographer of British Weather

The dream of every amateur photographer is to see his photos published in the most important magazines and to win photography competitions. The problem is that they rarely accept amateurs. Lloyds TSB decided to give us the possibility to participate in the photographer's competition. We can not only become the best amateur photographer and win a great price -we can send our favorite photos of the weather and nature to an important site and have it published there. If you have already tried this, you know that many sites for photographers do not accept photos of this subject. They have too many of them.

To become British weather photographer of the year you need only your best photo of the British weather. To enter, go to the site, click "Submit your photo now", write a short story about your photo -and win £10,000. In any case, if you are not British, it's worth to visit the site and to look at the submitted photos. You can vote those you like and help the best of them to win. I have voted for many photos - let the best one win! If they are better than mine, why not?

Clouds Over the Sea

The competition will run until September 30th 2010. So there is time to submit your photos, my friends. The only condition is you must be a UK resident in order to take part in this campaign. We claim the weather most parts of the year, but here it is the weather that donates to us the best impressions.

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  1. Oh, Lily, excuse me, I suddenly cancelled your conmment.

    dang.... i cant participate

    Ehhheheeee... I too...

  2. I've been trying to take up photography lately, but I don't think this will be my debut.

  3. If it was possible for me I would partecipate even if I don't think to be expert enough to win. So, to expose my work.

  4. Its interesting place,i like traveling very much.I enjoy for articles on your blog.Thanks.

  5. Hi, Julong, great to see you here! Thanks for commenting!

  6. Nice to hear about the competition of the photographers. I agree that photographers need alots and very unique photos to be winner of competition.
    In actually i am not British i can't participate but i have voted some nature photos which i liked them.
    Thanks you.

  7. You are right, sunil singh, there are many good photos there and I voted them with pleasure too.

  8. Thank you for reply.
    From some days i visit regularly to your blog.

  9. Thank you. I'm very happy to find a new friend. Unfortunatelly, because I work on a new project, I can't update more often than once a week here. But my other blog's system is about travel too, maybe it can be interesting to you. The Marvelous World of Travel"


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