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13 August 2010

To Go or Not To Go? News About Touristic Destinations

I continue the round of the "special" news that can affect tourists prepearing their luggeges and just flying in their thoughts in the dream-place. Someone dreams about a beach, other thinks the best is a tour in Antarctica -we are different and it's good. Imagine if all the residents of the Earth go in vacation on the same beach.

Well, news.

Spain. It seems there is invasion of jellyfishes near the beaches there. Bad notice not only for those who went or want to go there. The fenomenon repeats every year in Mediterranean. It means that the oceans are ill and can't support the activities of the humans more.

Malaysia. The sales began and will last till September 16. Not so much time, but if we think about sales in Italy that begin at the end of June and "last" till September, we can understand that the long period is a lie. If you want to find something in the middle of July here, you will find Fall models and zero sale offers.

Oman. They build a luxury hotel with shariat laws in it. No alcohol and men-women division not only in WC. The owner says, he is sure the hotel will be always complete because there are many persons that do not like those drunk faces everywhere.

Ucraina. Many tourists go there in May to enjoy the flowering of chestnut trees. The capital, Kijew, has so many of them that they become world-known brand of the city. Now, if you had to wait till spring, you can buy your ticket: the chestnut trees are flowering second time this year.


  1. great tips. thanks.

    not traveling at the moment as it is a fasting month here in malaysia for the muslim for about a month, will update what we do during this holy mth in my blog.

  2. It will be very interesting to read your updates. Your last posts about "normal life" in the places you visited were splendid.

  3. Oh, the hotel in Oman. I have heard about a his and side of the swimming pool over here!

  4. Don't think about entertainment! You have a fasting month now!


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