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24 November 2010

Monetize your Blog with Ebuzzing

Our blogs allow us to stay in touch not only with friends and other bloggers but with other organisations and brands we like in real and virtual life, too. For example, we like National Geographic Wild, visit their site often, write about it, watch their documentaries and embed them in our posts. All our friends like them too, and we discus the themes they publish with pleasure.
However, this passion can gratify us with money, too. It's enough to join the always growing community of bloggers on Ebuzzing that, working with the grand brands like Lloyds TSB, PayPal, Levis, FHM etc from 2007, connects bloggers with their favourite brands, and earn money for our articles.
The registration is very easy, and just in some minutes you can start earning. Ebuzzing does not obstruct your creativity with complicated rules and conditions. You can express your feelings free and explain them in your own words. Ebuzzing gives you only a few bullet points, links and images -all the rest is the flight of your fantasy. 
N​ot only articles, your blog can be enriched with videos of brands you like. Is it not fantastic: meet your favourite brand or video every time you open you blog?​ And earn at the same time?
There were many discussions if bloggers may write sponsored posts in their blogs or not. Someone said, it is not correct towards the readers. They, readers, have to know you are paid for this or that post. Don't worry. It's not about Ebuzzing. The strict code of ethics of the company ensures that the readers are informed ​and the articles are clearly marked as sponsored so as you can see here, in the bottom.
J​oin us! Some doubts? Visit the site and remove them. Find out more on ebuzzing.co.uk

Find out more on ebuzzing.co.uk

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