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17 November 2010

Alpine Paradise

Human being is done this strange way that we understand what we love only when we leave it. Somebody calls it nostalgie. And it's normally about the places we know very well, places where we were born, where we passed many years of our lives.

I did not know this feeling for many years till I begin to visit St Petersburg. It will seem not normal maybe, but I had my first nostalgie feeling for this city that I did not know too much, honestly. It was like obsession.

Many of us, who lives in central and northern parts of Europe, have a precise idea of Paradise: palms, sandy beaches, light breeze... I promote Caribbean cruises and learn much about this part of the world now, so, I have to confess, I acquired this other obsession myself, too: I dream about a cruise on Carnival Magic or Norwegian Epic...

Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках

Or, contrary, we think that Paradise are those southern towns where we can walk near that warm sea under the (same :-(  ) palms...
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Горы Латтари С Набережной Салерно 

Only when we have to live far from our cold and not so shiny motherland for much time, we understand that the best and the most rich nature is there; that the best "palm" is a spruce; and that Baltic (etc) sea is not worse than southern seas. The sun is mild and not merciless. And the colors are more interesting there. Do you agree that the Paradise pictures are these in the bottom and not those over here?


  1. gosh! its nice and peaceful to walk around there.

  2. You are right, Lily, just so: nice, pieceful. Sounds of the stream, voices of the birds. And that incredible air... Adore that places.


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