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05 August 2012

Dubrovnik... Dubrovnik

They say that Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. I never visited it even if I have this destination in my schedule and it seems it's very easy to reach it now with the new train-ship offers of Trenitalia.

If you still did not know about it, I can tell you, because I receive newsletters from Trenitalia from the moment I've bought my first ticket to Milan this year. So, it's possible now to book 2 tickets together: high speed train + a ship that will transport you directly in Dubrovnik. And since with some fortune it's possible to buy a ticket with really small amount of money (there are 9, 19, 29 euro tickets this year), a short time travel to such desired destinations became a possibility to think about.

I do not know, how much would cost such a travel, I did not read about it because I was too busy in the last period. But I began to dream that once I'll be able to visit this town, too.

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