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16 August 2012

At the Springs of the Calore River

This trip was absolutely new and unexpected. My husband who loose his head dreaming about a special place for ornamental ducks, decided to visit a man with the same passion. My husband did not know where that man lives in sense that we did not visit that part of our region before. I did not know anything about it, too. So, I even did not take my photo camera with me since I did not wait to see anything worth a photo. One of my friends said me many times that I have always to put the photo camera in the bag or in the car. But I do not learn from all my previous experiences.

So, we arrived in Capaccio and took a lateral road. Everything was very different from the most frequented parts of the region. Clean, calm, beautiful. There were many -really many- persons who walked alone, in groups and with dogs long that way. I could not understand: what are they doing in this forgotten by God and people  place?

After other 20-30 kms I understood.

A medieval village on the rock

...and a river under that rock

---with special places to enjoy staying near that medieval bridge and that river under that rock

In the immensity of the space, there was not a memory about the not too far existing noisy world

For thousand of years looks that town on the under it laying silence...

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