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27 September 2012

Vacation in Autumn Europe

What would you like to visit in Europe? And when? Something like this? I do not agree with you. I would like to visit Europe in autumn because I like autumn generally and autumn in Europe precisely. So, I would like to travel in autumn.

Surfing Pinterest I found some interesting photos and such thoughts filled my head with the mirages of a vacation. I plan a 1-2 days trip in Treviso where I wanted to visit an exhibition of Tibet artifacts that opens on Oct. 20. I was in Turin when there was a similar ( or maybe the same) exhibition. But I will not see annything more except the town, where, by the way, I have never been before.

The only possibility I have to see the European autumn are these photos. It's sad, yes, but this year is so: I did not see the summer for too much work, I even did not swim this summer... Ohhh, it's really bad for me.

Maybe, I will find some days to visit one of these castles at least in winter... In the mean time - enjoy the photos of autumn in Europe.

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