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08 October 2012

Crimea Many Years Ago

When I was a little girl and was not more than 12 years old (because we undertook such a trip last time when I had 12), my father had vacations in summer and he wanted to stay near the sea during this period. One of his friends told him that there are beaches in the Crimea where all the persons come with their tends and live in them all the vacation period (by the way, such places still existed some years ago, I know).

It was so the first year:
All the winter and spring (I think so) we saw a tent and... FINALLY!!! the vacation began.
We went in the Crimea with a train. From the railway station, we had to go long-long-long time till a little settling where we had to go till the beach at feet from.

I still remember such views

Source: behance.net via Jenny on Pinterest

The Crimea was an exceptional place for a good vacation. The splendid nature, warm Black Sea, many interesting places... Who knows if it remained so till today... They say: Never turn back where you felt happy. So, Crimea remained as a kind of Paradise in my memories.

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