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23 November 2012

"Artists' Lights" in Salerno

Salerno, a little town in the Italian region Campania, is my favorite place for pleasant walks. From December, they open the joyful period of "Artists' Lights", and this event just turned it's ...mmm... 3-d or even more edition.

Many Salernitans do not like this pointless expense of great money  (they say, it costs millions of euros). All these sums have to be sent to the culture etc, they say. And, I think, they are right. How many historically important sites could be open with this money? How many persons could pass better their lives, their feasts, if these millions were paid to open museums etc. Many museums in Campania remain closed or open only a part of their expositions (like National Archaeological Museum of Naples or the historically important sites in Salerno).

But the tourists like the idea of the lights the same. I know that many residents of Naples and other important cities of Campania come specially in Salerno to see these Lights.

What are they? I post here some of this year photos. I had not the possibility to visit Salerno enough time to make all the photos but I think I'll show them  to you in December.

By the way, many of this flowers are made from plastic bottles.


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