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08 November 2012

Cruise Ship as a Residence Block

An entire life is a travel without end. I could not believe my eyes but it's true. This beautiful cruise ship is ...a multy-storied house. In sense it's a residential block! You can read about it in many articles. There are 106 apartments, 19 studio apartments, and 40 studios in this "house". The apartments cost from $600,000. Relatively not too much if we remember that here, in Italy, a simple flat costs from $150,000.

Imagine this romantic existence: you see everyday new views when you wake up in your flat... And you have to go in your office every day some hours earlier... and than turn home in the evening... Well, for the residents of this house everything is not so complicated. Probably, their life has not such problems. And, as the articles say, they do not live on the ship but visit it from time to time.

And what about the monthly fees and all kinds of taxes? you ask me. Yes, you are right, it's true. There are taxes and fees. $20,000 /month. Here is the main difference because we pay not more than $300 /month normally, yes?

Honestly, I would not like to live on this ship. I would prefer to pay a luxury world cruise. As for me it would be the best way to invest money- But... I'm not a resident of this ship and can't valuate the good and bad sides of MS The World

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