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19 July 2017

Free Beaches Near Sorrento, in S.Agnello (Amalfi Coast, Italy)

When we think about Amalfi Coast, we often imagine 5-stars hotels and services. It's true, there are many of them there. And if you are not ready to avoid some expensive popular places, vacation can be really too expensive for you.

But, as in many cases, there are possibilities to have cheap and very cheap vacation there, too. Here is my guide for you.

Where to Find a Cheap Hotel in Sorrento

 I personally use this search engine because I always find good deals and I love their customer service. Click here and see what offers they are for Sorrento today.
If the place to sleep is often important for some comodities to have - I like to stay in single rooms with private WC, for example, the other parts of the vacation can be or cheap or gratis.

Where to Eat Cheap and Healthy In Sorrento

If you go to eat in a restaurant near the sea, you will pay much enough.
What are the alternatives?

Sorrento and nearby towns and villages have residents and they have to live normal life, no? Where they go to buy their meals? Far from the central, touristic streets. It means 10-50 meters inside the town.
little private shops
street markets
you got the idea.

And now I'll tell you where to eat near the sea there.
It's a Great Secret :-) (Honestly, I don't know why it's not soo popular among the tourists)
You have to go in the fishers village of Sorrento, Marina Grande. 15 minutes by feet.
You will find very romantic little restaurants with fresh fish and free beach there.

Where are Free Beaches in Sorrento

Here is a short video I took in a right part of Sorrento. The beach is free. If you want to book a boot and to go out in the sea, you can do iy, too. But if you want to have free bath - this beach is nice enough. Why not?

You can go down to the sea with a lift. I paid €2, I think, but normally, there are scales to go by feet everywhere. So, you can go down by feet and turn up with the lift. Personally, I do not like to climb up all the scales, but if you are young and do not have knie pains, there is nothing wrong to go up with the scales, too. So, if you stay a week in Sorrento, you can save about €30 for a goodbye diner in a restaurant.

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