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21 January 2008

Batu Caves Hindu's Shrines

I'm very happy to present you the second article of Berry Sudirno from Jakarta/Indonesia, author of these interesting blogs: howtoboostyourwealth, journeytomakemoney, sweetjourneyinmylife .
You know him in my blogs from the first article Endagered Species -Orangutans that many of you found interesting.

Batu Caves is a limestone hill in the Bukit Gombak District, about 13 kilometer north of Kuala Lumpur the capital city of the Kingdom of Malaysia. The cave is sacred for the Hindu’s and one of the most popular Hindu shrines outside India.

Batu Caves could be reached by taxi or by bus from the Pudu Raya bus terminal at the city of Kuala Lumpur or you may use the tourist bus which is available at your Hotel.

You must climb 272 steps in order to access the temple at the summit of the hill. They consist of 3 main caves and number of smaller one.

You will be greet by a lots of long tail monkeys which expecting some foods like peanut, banana from you. You must be careful because some of them are very naughty they will raid you and steal your hat, bag or any other things. Besides that there a lots of birds around and expecting you to feed them with corn. Those foods could be purchased at around Batu Caves.

“The site serves as the focus of the Hindu community’s yearly Thaipussam festival. A procession begins at Sri Mahamariamman Temple Kuala Lumpur with some people carrying kavadi and last eight hours. In 2007, the festival attracted more than 1.5 million pilgrims, making it one of the largest gatherings history.” (Wikipedia)

(photo of my daughter at Batu Caves was taken a few years ago)

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  1. Thaipusam is a big affair in Kuala Lumpur and Penang and just last Wednesday, it was on. I have been to Batu Caves many years ago during Thaipusam and it is really crowded then just like it is now.

  2. I've seen a documentary about Thaipusam and think it's maybe too cruent for some piligrimes to partecipate in it. Sincerely, I prefere to visit places when there is not too much persons there.

  3. The participants are in a trance. I believe they have to go through a vegetarian diet and other rites before carrying the kavadis,- metal rods that are pierced into their bodies. After the ceremony, they will be as good as new, no scars or what so ever. You have to see it to believe it and over here, we have all the opportunity.

  4. Uhhh... Sincerely, I could never understand why these rituals are there and -more- are alive till today. In Italy there are processions when persons beat themselves till provoke great wounds. Why they need it? Why they need to demonstrate it to God? Don't understand.

  5. I don't understand too. Maybe , it's better to prove ourselves to someone we love! No pain , only gain! I believe some christians whip themselves as a ritual.

  6. You are right, it's very simply: prove if you don't understand something. Have to prove... Ohiiiii... No, next time...

  7. First of all, thanks for featuring one of the Tourist Attractions in Malaysia. Roughly 2 years ago, they build a statue which was endorse by Ripley's Believe It or Not as the tallest man made statue at Batu Caves. It is an additional attractions for tourist who visited there..

  8. This article was written by a blogger-friend, Berry, that wanted to share his experience. Maybe he will visit this place once more and will send me the statue you write about.


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