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06 January 2008

Friends,advertising,trip planing,web-content and photography: Italy,Russia,Lithuania and more

Special page you can find here and here
This page is in construction so I please you to visit it later for more new info.

Everything seems to be accessible in this world of information,but there are things only who lives in the place you are interested in can know.

This is the "hidden" information about busses,good (rational) prices,interesting places (not only those that agencies whant to buy to you), -if you tried to organize a trip you know what is I speak about.

If you are looking for more friends in these countries or you want people in these countries know about your business -you may have problems with translations,with advertising.
We know what to do,how to do that everybody(or those you are interested in) knows about you.

We can help you with web-content,photography,virtual assistance.
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  1. Didn't know you have a travel blog.

  2. I opened this blog time ago for one company I worked at that time with. Now I need a travel blog and transformed this blog with travel posts I had in blog.


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