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06 January 2008


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There are no doubts,this is the most known volcano in the world.Scientists have an incredible quantity of their devices there,they study it day and night and are sure,they know everything about it.

I'll tell you a little story in this contest.

Some years ago one of the volcanologists become a minister.And he spoke different times to population,telling all,they have not to be afraid about Vesuvius.There is no other volcano we know so good as this,said minister.

I can't explain you how was it possible - was the same Vesuvius angree with scientists or maybe the mother-nature wanted to show them they have not to be too sure of their knowleges about her -but some days after one of these speeches happens a little eathquake.Just enough to catch out of their houses all residents of one of the villages situating on this mount.It was in winter in the night,people jumped out from their beds and remain till morning clothing their pijamas or what they wore that night in streets waiting for second shake.

Next morning there was no one person in Italy that did not ask that minister:why? And the poor volcanologo could say nothing only "It's unpossible, unpossible"

If you have seen other mountains,you can't be impressed seeing Vesuvio. It's not so high. One crater is only 1281 meters high,other 1133 m. You can visit them.

But when you remember the passed times and scientists that promise eruption in the next 15-20 years, you can't understand people building houses here. There are on 700 m hight.Then, this zone is the most populated in Europe with 13000 persons on 1 km quadr. The streets are too strict and there is no possibility to save if the eruption really happens. It will be great tragedy.

During it's life Vesuvio leaved signs in all directions.Last eruption of 1944 covered with 2 m of ashes Salerno distant about 30 km, I think. Those are not ashes from your oven,but real stones.

Vesuvio is the most famous but not only and not most interesting volcanic place to visit here.The same Neaples is situating on many craters.Inside one of them you can go for a walk.

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