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06 January 2009

Death Among The Cocodriles

One of the most "abused" things at the end of every year are different lists. Most beautiful... The top ... big, new, great, bizzard etc.

The new theme among these shows was for me the list "The most stupid deaths of the tourists".

I decided to remember some of them in my blog too. As the tour operators say, most of the deaths happen because the tourists do not want to respect the rules of the place where they go.

This case seemed to me great for the first place:
One 23 years old canadian girl (big enough to have brain in the head, I think) went in Kruger National Park and wanted to make photos between the cocodriles in a pool. The cocodriles did not move and the girl decided, they are toys. She went down in the pool and stand between that cocodriles. Her friends made photos. And cocodriles were happy to have something new for lunch.

Do you think, it was a single case of a head without brain? Watch this video:



  1. Yes, very stupid! God bless her!

  2. Sincerely I don't understand her even thinking about the situation different tims.


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