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13 January 2009

Luggage You Travel With

One of the most important questions for traveller is his/her Luggage. Sometimes this problem becomes very serious. You will laugh, but I know persons that carry 5 meter long car full when they, these persons, have to go somewhere for a week. I tell you about my friend. Once they came to visit me on their way back home from Sicily and I wanted to gift them some books, some kg-s of our fruits and something else we grow, but they could not find place even for the books!

This year I noticed there are many persons that prefere to buy Designer Luggage for their travelling. It has different good sides, I think. Not only it is a nice looking object. They are made for maximum comfort of a traveller. From other, practical, side, if the company you travel with loses your luggage, the first thing they want to know what was the brand name of it.

I like to look at luggages of different brands lately. They have so many different forms and colors. It seems, the designers have fun, creating these incredible solutions. No, there are classic designs like Hartman Luggage for men, I think. But there are so many colorful, solar items like Vera Bradley Luggage and others. Maybe they could really make your trip more glad, specially if you have to wait many hours for your flight or something like this. The situations that happen relatively often this year.


  1. I have to agree that the right luggage is very important when traveling. For example, depending on the trip you may want to take a designer bag, a duffel bag, or only a carry-on. It all depends on your destination and travel needs!

  2. :-) Some persons take all the house in the trip no matter where they go. Like that my friend...

  3. I like a luggage which I can drag.


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