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22 February 2009

Theater Of The Sea

Surfing the web today I found this photo of Minak Theater. This place has to situate not far from Saint Levan (United Kingdom). I've never heard about it before and thought it is Greece. I wanted to find other photos of this place and was surprized to see them because this one is the less "danerous" position. From other places the theater seems to be terrificant.

There are different interesting theaters today. Like that of Pompei. There are shows very often in summer there. I think it's right to use these buildings so as they were projected. It is interesting.

Now imagine to go in this theater. I would like to sit there even without any show. To listen to the waves and to look at the birds and ships... But if it's UK, there are not so many sunny days for it. I began to love more light of the sun. Maybe I say so because I'm tired to stay in home this rainy winter...

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