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23 February 2009

Tours In Alaska And Denali National Park

One of my favorite dream-destinations is Alaska. I read different books and watched documentaries about this land, it's nature, it's animals. Alaska Travel is something that could donate total relax, and many experiences. There are not so many places in the world where you can use Air Taxi for your trips. It is available in Denali National Park. Railroad tours are interesting too. You can cross different landscapes in one day. Well, I don't tell you about car rental and motorcoach connections.

Travel Alaska means not only visits to national parks. There are modern cities where you can feel the spirit of the first explorers and Arctic Coastal people villages where you can learn personally their culture. If you prefere, you can make a Yukon River tour or touch Arctic Polar Circle with your hands.

Maybe you like ocean life, so you can visit the Alaska SeaLife Alaska SeaLife CenterCenter that is dedicated to the research, rehabilitation and education. The other destination of one-day tours is Exit Glacier.

But the most popular is surely Denali Park that is Alaska's crown jewel. Tere are the accomodations within the park where you can live really the nature. Expert tour operators will help you to plan your trip and will explain you what can you do there.


  1. One of my friends dream of going to Alaska too but I thought there are just snow there!

  2. So, maybe we will go there together one day.


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