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01 September 2010

Musicians Sealed In The Castel Of Salerno

Oh yes, it's a terrible story about the destiny of some persons that lived in the castel of Salerno. I'll show it to you, all in the photos I've made just some days ago, on August 27. :-)))

The castel of Salerno was created to control the territory from the highest place over the town and it was used mostly for the defence. All the plan of the fortress that included the understanding town is so efficient that it was not necessary to live in the castel. The princes went only when it was necessary there, I think.

Some years ago the castel was repaired and now it's a splendid place where to go for a walk -with typical plants of the zone, some species of animals, normally living in the wild places here, and views that literally make you forget everything.

On the photo is the port of Salerno with a cruise ship in it and the Amalfi coast in the background.

The castel gave hospitality to a Festival of the classic music this year, and they decided to close musicians in the rooms of it. One artist told a love story of a princess Liutpranda to the guests and they were guided through the rooms, accompained by the classic and medieval music. There were many journalists, TV and many persons that wanted to partecipate on this event. Many of the guests, we too, thought, it will be a guided visit of the castel, but they wanted to present the musicians in this special way.

We wanted to see the castel before the show began and understood the idea of the presentation after we saw these strange cloistered artists:

They like to close the artists, the responsables for the tourism in the municipality of Salerno, you know. Some years ago they closed painters in a Cistersian monastery for a month. The painters had to create their artworks and than they could go out from the cloister.
You had to see those opuses! I think, they did not give them to eat too. Or maybe invented other kind of torture. At least it was the impression after I've seen what the painters created in that month.


  1. i like the one facing the sea... very conquering feeling.

  2. You know, Lily, it was a feeling of calm, when we were there. Completely out, off the modern life. And all that unreal infinity. A sort of meditation without disturbing thoughts and emotions.

  3. are the musicians main acts there? I haven't been to a place where the main attraction are the musicians. that is just original and very calming.

  4. The governors of the town have love all sorts of artists, in Salerno. And the residents like these shows too. In any case it was interesting as idea. o promove the castel and the art too.

  5. What a romantic idea of having medieval music on tour of the castle. Adds to the atmosphere of the hauntingly beautiful place!

  6. They could make "virtual" adds here, in the castel, to create a real effect. It would be much more interesting than those virtual museums in completly new buildings 10 km-s far from the place they speak about.


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