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18 September 2010

Visit of a Virtual Museum

Virtual entertainment is very popular now. That is why you can find more and more virtual museums today. In our zone that is not so big and important there are 2 of them, too.

The aim of these museums is to "transform" a visitor in somebody or something and to allow him to live the epoque this museum tells about. This is not my idea, those have to be words of the man that invented this entertainment.

Most parts of these museums are more or less big screens or sounds or other "special" effects. Like this:

This barrier from the pulverized water represents the burning cloud that covered the population of Pompei and Ercolano during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. I has some doubts to pass through it but I did not understand the matter at the moment. Only after the visit, when I read the explanations and looked my photos, I cuold appreciate the idea.

If you want to read the reportage about that visit I invite you to read my post How to Live the Eruption of Vesuvius of 79AD where you will find many photos.

As said, I visited both our virtual museums and do not like them. I have my PC to look at the screen all days long, I have a TV too. And the idea to watch an other video when I go out for a walk does not inspire me. I prefere to walk and to observe nature and creations of the humans without adding an other screen to my life.

The "classic" museums could not be too entertaining, yes, but if you want to create something really very interesting, you have to go in the museums in Finland where they have scenes from the life near the "normal" exposition.


  1. Maybe instead of a virtual tour of Pompeii &, they should recreate a tour on Old Rome or even 18th century Italy. That would be interesting, especially the music ! :)

  2. I think, they have something like this in the "specialized" towns and cities. We are normally the last in the queue of any innovation. :-)


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