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07 October 2010

Egypt in Italy

There are 2 great loves in Italy: Egypt and Dinosaurus. Not that all the population suddenly loose the heads for themб but you see everywhere massive pubblicity just for years. Egypt-mania is created by editors, I think, after the books about Ramsete, and I did not notice the source of the Dinosaurus-mania.

Pubblicity aside, Italy has the second by it's importance museum of the Antique Egypt's history. The museum is situated in a narrow street in the center of Turin (I did not mke the photo more luminous to make you feel the "air"). The entrance is among those columns.

This museum is very big and you can see many interesting exhibits. I'll write about them in other posts. Now I want to show you only some general views.

The first room has nothing different from other museums

Even if you can see one burial place just after your first steps

The persons that organized this museum made it really different from many others. So, you can see the recreated tombs, even a pyramid!

But the best is surely this incredible room:


The impression was really incredible. It seemed to be there, in Egypt, among all these "alive" statues.

There are many places to visit in Turin but this museum is the "must to go" even if you don't like the antique history. By the way, if you pay the service, you can have an Egyptologist as a guide there!


  1. I have been to Egypt but not the one in Italy!

  2. Probably, you would see more in Italy from Antient Egypt


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