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14 October 2010

Versailles -Panoramic View

It is strange: why did I not visit France else? No, not France. I was in France in 1992 and 93, I think. There were border and customs between Italy and France in that period else, even if they were not very difficult to pass: I had not France visa and could not visit it but I did cheeky face, my friends "wanted to show" their passes to the border guards and they never controlled us. We visited Cote d'Azur, Monaco and Nice every day that year. But I never was in Paris.

I would like to see Versailles and Louvre, the castels of Loire... Well, maybe one day. Waiting for it we can enjoy a virtual visit. The link is in the bottom of this post.

Версальский парк
«Версальский парк» на Яндекс.Фотках


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  1. i visited versailles before..... BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  2. I was in many palaces that were built with Versailles in the mind, so I can imagin how it has to be. But it would be marvellouse to visit the "parent" of all of them.

    By the way, I think, the architects were inspired by the famous Asian palaces.

  3. Версаль без короля не Версаль.
    А сайт с панорамами интересный!

  4. Согласна. Хотя бы про форма его держали, пусть бы даже на рваных простынях, как Луи какой-то там.

    А посмотреть, может, оно так и лучше -больше увидишь и никакого стресса. :0)


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