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30 October 2010

Kiteboarding and Sandsurf

You read the title of my post and did not believe me? You are not right. Those are real activities that are offered to the visitors of the Dominican Republic.

Some of you, my dear friends, maybe thought that I forgot about blogging in the last period. But it's not so. I simply try to set on it's feet my web-based travel agency and have not only do too many new for me things, but I have to study too. Actually I study in 2 American universities and have just some achievements. I am a barcelor of Carnival Cruise Lines and Specialist of the Dominican Republic.

I would like to write here some words of the publicity and invite you to join my Newsletter (in the bottom) and to "LIKE" my Fan Page on Facebook, but I  want to tell you some interesting things about the Dominican Republic -especially because I've never write about this country in this blog. So, this is the first post about it.

Дубль 1
«Дубль 1» на Яндекс.Фотках

I fall in love with this place only reading aboout it, imagine what you can feel if you visit this island. White sand beaches... Yes, you look on the photo... But there are not only white beaches there. Coud you imagine yellow and... PINK sand beaches???

What about the infinite quantities of animals -fishes and birds included. Did you know that they have 300 species of birds (possible to observe)? Did you know that they have a meeting place of the humpback whales that stay some months there? And fishes? Wow, look at this photo


Посмотреть на Яндекс.Фотках

History of the Columbus epoch, the very first street in the New World (and different other "very first" too). And Rum. You can taste it not only on every step you do there. You can even visit a factory that produces this drink.

Interesting is that those islands have 2 faces. One part of the islands is windy and rocky (from the side of Atlantic ocean) other side is calm and has those famous beaches. And if you think about the good weather all year round, you can imagine the fortunate population.

Люблю двоих
«Люблю двоих» на Яндекс.Фотках

Thanks to these differencies of the nature, they offer an incredibly variety of activities. I would waste your time and fall really in the publicity if I begin to post the full list of them here, but the most "strange" I just mentioned in the title. Some more? Off-roading, canyoning, spelunking. Want you guess what these words mean?

Well, maybe you've understood why I can't think other than Dominican Republic now. I thought, there is nothing that can attract me in such places, you know. I normally prefer Nordic parts of the world. But...

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  1. kiteboarding is available in bali too. but am not sure what you mean by sandsurf though, any pics? i know i've seen blowcart before apparently popular in middle east country

  2. Oh, you are happy to have this possibility. I would like so much to live it!

    Unfortunatelly, I have not pics about it but the idea is to surf over the sands. Because the beaches are sandy, very long and uniform, it's possible to "fly" over them using any training force available.


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