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26 March 2017

Best Foods in Amalfi and Sorrento, Italy

 There are many excellent foods in Campania and you will enjoy them every day of your vacation in Amalfi or Sorrento, but the best of them are surely those you can see on my photos.

No, you maybe do not like particularly cheeses, so as I did. In this post, I'll tell you one of the reasons I look for them when I visit these part of our region, now.

When the local inhabitants offer you a piece of cheese, you can be sure, it's the best of the best you can find in our too fast world today. These persons still live their traditional, ancestral style of life, cure their animals - sheeps and goats. These animals often live most part of the year on the mountains.

If you love trekking, you will meet them often during your walks. The best is that they even rest without their shepherd. No, they are not alone there. They live with and completly trust their guardians: dogs.

 You see the goats, maybe try to speak with them... suddenly arrives the boss! Here he is!

But the best arrives some moments later: there is an other/some dogs behind you!!! They work in a very good trained team where every member knows his/her place. Some of them are before the herd, some are behind it. And there are some dogs monitoring the situation from a high place! 

There are shepherds, too, but they can even leave the herd - they know the work will be done the best way! 

So, when you buy cheese, you can be sure, these animals did not eat industrial food, nothing bad or dangerous. Eat it! Enjoy it! It's surely the best quality food we can have today.

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