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28 March 2017

How to Reach Amalfi from Vietri Sul Mare (Italy) in a Bus

When you decide to travel to Amalfi, you try to understand how have you do to arrive there. There are many possibilities to find information, but I see that it's not always complete. So, this post is dedicated to some particular problems.

You can come with a bus or with a train (if not with taxi, but the price of a taxi from Salerno to Amalfi is from euro 100 to 150, sometimes much more). Here we speak about budget possibilities.

On the first photo you see 2 lines over the houses. The first is the main car road. Over it, you see the line of the railway. If you are fast enough, you need about 10-15 minutes to reach the crossway on the photo.

Vietri Sul Mare, the main crossway of the town
To go to Amalfi/Cetara/Maiori/Minori, you have to take a bus to Amalfi.
There are NOT tickets in the bus. You have to buy them in a shop (tabacchaio or edicola). If you come from Naples or Salerno, you can buy your ticket there.

The ticket actually costs euro 2,20. Sometimes, they give you a ticket by euro 1,80, it's the old price and it's ok, too. They say.
Say to the vendor that you need a ticket SITA that costs euro 2,20 (photo). It will be enough. You do not need to explain that you have to go to Amalfi.

Ticket SITA to go from Vietri Sul Mare to Amalfi
In Vietri Sul Mare. you have to go right (photo) about 150 m where you will find Edicola (magazine shop). The shop is situated where the square finishes and the narrow street begins.
So you have to count about 20 minutes to turn back to the bus stop.

Vietri Sul Mare, Maine Square

The bus stop is on the left of the first photo behind the very left car. Here it is:

Vietri sul Mare the bus stop for Amalfi, Maiori, Minori, Raito
Normally, busses to Amalfi pass 1 time in an hour. At __:15 (7:15; 8:15; 9:15....) This time can vary from 10 minutes earlier to 10-20 minutes later.
The bus arrive in Amalfi 1 hour later. If the situation with traffic is good.
That is why you needed to know exact time you spend for everything.

For example:
if you arrive in Vietri with train at 10:00 without SITA ticket, you have to count time to go to the crossway, time to buy your ticket and to return to the bus stop.
It's practically impossible that you can take a bus that passes at 10:15.
If you have the ticket - maybe.

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